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a moons fall from grace
birds that can no longer fly
gone; how does one hide?


Choices aren’t always right and neither is “direction”

Check your answer by attempting to enter Phase 1 and there you will find a special update, a special someone, and more clues as to what to expect next.


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my thought is for one 
an idea for many 
memories for none

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A moon changes face

Smiling, whole, and then frowning

Shining blissfully

2nd clue: between 3-4am CST (´・ω・`)

The video awaits!!

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[Help!] That’s What She Kept Yelling


She was struggling, more than usual this time.

I kept telling her that it was okay and that I just wanted to express my true feelings for her.

But she just kept fighting me, so I had to force myself upon her and tie her hands up.

She laid there helplessly and I couldn’t control my urges to tell her that she was beautiful.

She attempted to spit at me, so I put a handkerchief around her mouth.

Her muffled screams and occasional moans were all that I could hear.

To be honest, I kind of enjoyed it. (´・ω・`)

I had no intention of raping or killing her though!

Soon enough she stopped struggling and fell asleep.

I was so sweaty!

I had to change my shirt 4 times.

Finally I worked up enough courage to get closer to her as she laid asleep.

She was so pretty. (´・ω・`)

I hovered over her, getting closer and closer..

My breathing became deep and it felt like a lump was in my throat.

I got so close and sweat just poured from my forehead! 


I just wanted to sniff her hair.

I just wanted to be close to her. (´・ω・`)

There I was.. so close to Denko and all these feelings rushed through my head.

I was glad our relationship became so strong! (´・ω・`)

I was glad that we could be together like this. (´・ω・`)

She was the only one I wanted.  

I never wanted anyone else.

I wanted to scream “I love you!” from the top of the mountain.

I just sat there in my sweat and looked at her disgruntled but beautiful face.

She was asleep for hours.

I felt anxious waiting for her to wake up.

I dressed her up in new clothes because there was blood on her uniform.

I waited patiently.

I even made some spaghetti for her when she woke up. 

I felt like a husband already! (´・ω・`) 

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